Don't Let Low-Level Flooding Ruin Your Day!

Introducing our new Dual Barrier Kit from Rapid Barrier Systems Inc.

Protects to a height of 5 1/2 inches!


Our new 24" barriers

-Commercial quality



-20% greater ground contact than our 20" barriers

-Extra port on tube end for easier drainage

Easy to Use....Simply lay tarp as per instructions, place the barrier on the tarp, screw extension pipe into the port opening and fill with your garden hose. Done in 4 minutes!

         Better Materials!                        Patent Pending!                            Better Warranty!

Stable at 15-22 degree slope              Reusable multiple times               15-20 yr life

Superior industrial material      

  • UV Protected
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Fire Retardent
  •  Mold  Resistant

Extendable length by joining to barriers using optional sleeve

2" fill port - no adapters needed      Convenient 2" drain port    Complimentary patches

6 ft length and 12.5 length available

Great for sealing windows, doors and patio doors. Use our 12.5 ft barrier for single car garages or join 2 together to protect double garage doors.

Flood protection when you need it!

Rapid Barrier Systems Inc.