Midas Pump w/Tank  - now available


Price: $169.00 CDN reg  

End of season sale  now $149.00

Price includes ground shipping+ check valve

One Year Warranty

Midas Pump w/Pressure Guage - now available

A 1.6 HP Garden Sprinkler Pump

Media Type: Clean Water only

-with Connectors

-1200 watt

-Volts  110/60 mz


-Run Dry

-Maximum Flow: 45 litres per minute

-Maximum Head: 40 meters

-Suction Lift: 7 metres

-On/Off switch

-Impeller: PPO

-Motor: Aluminium

-Body: Cast Iron

-One inch inlet and outlet

-Cord Length: 1.25 metre

-Maximum Cold/Hot Ambient Temperature:

                   15C to 35 C

-Amps: Less than5

-Suggested extension cord if required: 8mm

-Manual: provided

​​Rapid Barrier Systems Inc.